Feeling Like Your Breakthrough Is Taking Forever?


You May Be In A Season Of Drought! A drought in a person’s life is when you are going through a season wherein you almost feel oppressed in a certain area, but are not seeing a breakthrough on the horizon. You feel great opposition in a certain area, and are attempting to use your faith…

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Youth: Will They Be The Light Or Survive The Dark?

What Will The Future Look Like For Christians? Many people dismiss the importance of discipling youth, and the impact that it will have on them. We can’t afford to dismiss their generation, because the choices they make will impact our generation just as much as our past mistakes and successes shape their future. What Legacy…

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Secret Sin Of Sexting: Is Your Teen Being Lured?

Sexting (sending texts with sexual overtones or suggestions) has gained popularity among teens who believe that there is nothing wrong with it. It is justified as “harmless fun”, and that no borders are being crossed. They see sex more in terms of the act, as opposed to the lures that are attached to it, and…

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Real Love: How Can You Teach Your Teen What It Is?

From Infatuation To Relationships To Courting… How Can You Teach The Importance Of Love Of Oneself? Love is a very strong emotion for teens. They fall in love this day, and out of love the next. This person is “the one”, but as it turns out they weren’t… Or they had feelings for someone, but…

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Will Your Kids Maintain A Faith Filled Future?


Will They Be Able To Maintain The Faith Or Will It Fall By The Wayside? As youth embark on their post-secondary education, many will experience learning theories that are contrary to their faith. The problem is that they sound plausible, and if they aren’t equipped with a firm foundation, they may find what they believe…

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Performance Anxiety Stressing Your Children Out?

Some may say yes, some may say no. It depends on the family, and the perspective. What we do know is that anxiety and stress are on the rise with youth. The question becomes what is the cause, and is this shift anything new or something that’s being exposed. Some would say definitively that stress…

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Gender: Is It Natural For Children To Explore It?

“But ‘God made them male and female’ from the beginning of creation.” Mark 10:6 In an attempt to decrease bullying, and to increase awareness, schools have begun to teach children at a young age that it is okay to be confused about your gender. Legislation is being passed that allows a parent the right not…

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Entering Adulthood: Real World, Real Expectations

You’ve Done A Good Job In Raising Them, But Will Their Faith Survive While On Their Own As An Adult? You have raised your children to have a relationship with God, and they have learned their scripture. You have taught them how to live a Christian lifestyle, and now it’s time for them to leave…

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