February 2022

Happy New Year! February tends to be a month wherein we traditionally talk about love and relationships due to Valentine’s Day. However, this year, I want to do something different. The topic is still the same… but with a twist!

We are still dealing with love and relationships, but not in terms of marriage or dating. I wanted to piggyback off of last month’s feature and incorporate a section that spoke of God’s love and His character. Many of us don’t know the extent nor depth of the character of God, nor what it means. We also tend to struggle in our relationship with Him- in particular feeling His love for us.

Word Count: 2,000-3,000 words, APA Style

The deadline for this issue is January 23, 2022. Please send your submissions to Michelle Danko (mcdanko@eyeworship.org) and she will confirm.

  1. List the reasons why people struggle with feeling God’s love. What prevents or blocks us from really feeling the love that He has for us. What can we do about it? How can we feel that intimate love from Him again? Why do we struggle in this area?
  2. Discuss how God’s love can heal our wounds. How does God heal our emotional wounds? What does scripture say? Incorporate the steps as to how we let God in, what people can expect/what is normal, and anything not to do (shut down, become depressed, etc) How do we work through the pain that sometimes follows when God heals us and our hearts?
  3. How do we begin to see God as our Father? Discuss what God the Father looks like and the ways in which we often confuse Him with our earthly dads. (Taken)
  4. Why do you want to allow God in to deal with emotional wounds? What if you aren’t aware that you are even wounded to begin with? Discuss the ways in which God may request change in us, and how He deals with emotional baggage that is preventing us from living fully for Him. How do you work through pain in order to acheive victory? Why is this necessary?
  5. Discuss God’s omnibenevolence- that He is all loving and wants the best for us. How do we avoid becoming angry when it seems like we are enduring unecessary hardship? How can we believe He wants the best for us when it seems like He didn’t show up? How do you work through it without walking away from the faith?
  6. Discuss how God is not just holy, but why He is described in Isaiah 4:6 and again in Revelation 4:8 as holy, holy, holy. Why is this reference made, and what does it mean? (Taken)
  7. Discuss God’s sovereignty. What does this look like in our world? Address arguments of why God allows poverty, strife, war, etc. Also incorporate why seemingly, bad things happen to good people. How do we prevent ourselves from questioning God? What do you do if you are angry and feel you need answers? (Taken)
  8. Discuss God as our comforter. How do we get beyond our our stress, anxiety, or depression to a place that we allow God in to give us comfort. How can you tell when you are trying to deal with things on your own? Incorporate God’s peace that surpasses all understanding. (Taken)
  9. Discuss God as our provider. What does this mean, and what does it not mean? What does God provide for His children? So, how do you encourage those who feel they are in a deficit in these areas? How can they get to a place wherein they have enough faith to know that God will provide? Discuss why things in regards to provision and believing for it can become scary. What do you do to pull you through without your faith waivering? (Taken)
  10. How does God reach a believer whose heart has been hardened? How does He talk to someone about their issues with the purpose of bringing about victory if they don’t want to change? How do you pray for someone like this when all you see is their destiny leading down a path of destruction?
  11. Discuss what reverence to God looks like. How can we attain this? What should our attitude be? Why is it important to revere Him?
  12. How can we become dependant on God? Discuss the fears people have in this area and how they can be overcome. Also, discuss what dependance on God is and what it is not as there are many people who ask God what they should wear that day, or other strange things.
  13. How do we develop a hunger and passion for God? How do we pursue Him? Why is this important to our walk with God? What do you do if you are feeling a little lukewarm?
  14. Discuss God as the trinity and break it down for those who may not fully grasp this aspect of God’s nature.
  15. Discuss God’s mercy and grace. How do these two components differ and why are they used interchangably? What are they and what are they not. Why is this sometimes the most perverted area of Christian faith? (Taken)
  16. Discuss Jesus’ role to the believer. How is He the bridge to God and man? What role does He play in Heaven? Are there any misconceptions about Jesus’ role? What are they?
  17. Discuss God as Eloah (mighty, strong and prominant)
  18. Discuss God as Yahweh Rohi (the Lord as our shepherd). What does this mean in its entirety?
  19. What is the meaning behind Elohim?
  20. Pitch an idea