Fight Financial Frustration with the Enemy- Not with Each Other!

Lack of finances can be a huge stressor in a marriage.  Whether it is due to a job loss, disability, debt or other factors, the daily financial burden can be overwhelming for couples that are struggling to pay the bills, much less put food on the table.  Greater stress exists when children are involved, and saying no to activities that other kids are so freely enjoying can be heart-wrenching for any parent.  More challenging is when there isn’t enough food or even clothing.  Poverty doesn’t just exist in third world countries, but largely right in our own backyards.  While a couple might not appear to be struggling, we are often times not aware of the crushing debt they may be under, or any other causes of financial strain such as poor spending habits, not budgeting well, gambling, alcoholism, addictions, and impulsive behaviours.  Yet they exist.

financialSo What Do We Do About It?

Janice Broyles discusses how couples can survive seasons of financial strain, and how to draw closer as a couple.  When we understand that men want to be the provider, and to women, money is security (not the love of money, but being provided for), we can see how a lack of money impacts marriages.  This is especially true when the wife is making the majority of the money (even if it is for a short duration) how it can negatively effect the self-esteem of her spouse.  When we appreciate the dynamics, then couples can better understand what motivates us to feel the way we do regarding our financial frustrations, and whether it is biblical or not.  From there, couples can decide what route they want to take- together– to solve their problem without it decimating their marriage.

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