Rob & Stephanie Green Help Parents Learn What To Expect And How To Raise Godly Kids

There are many books out there on what parents can expect while expecting- and many of them are flooded with excellent, practical information. Yet, how many of them tells you how to raise godly children? How many of them tell you how to solve situations in a godly manner?

It’s not only raising children to honour the Lord that’s a challenge. Many new parents find themselves overwhelmed when they first bring their baby home. Even though most new parents prepare for the baby’s arrival, parents often feel unprepared when faced with the real deal.

Rob and Stephanie Green

The fact of the matter is that the first few months are tough. Not only are you feeling a baby every few hours, but most moms find the sleep deprivation tough. The wife is often still expected to keep up with all of her daily activities at home, but also has the additional demand of taking care of a newborn baby.

Sleep becomes crucial, but so is staying on top of the laundry. Babies can make an incredible mess, and if your child is anything like mine were, they usually “overflowed” their diapers in the wee hours of the morning. It was also usually at the same time that I was out of the extra bedsheets. *lol*

But it’s not only adjusting to a new little addition to the family. In caring for a newborn, and even children in general, a couple can find themselves lost and hungering for time together. If left unchecked, resentment can grow, and the couple can become distant.

Tying Their Shoes, written by Rob and Stephanie Green, discusses not only raising godly children, but offers hope/advice for new parents. The book itself prepares first-time/adoptive parents on how to “survive” those first few months of caring for a new infant. It gives couples wise advice, and encouragement as they adjust to living as a family.

The book, however, doesn’t just leave it at what to expect. It goes a step further in grounding couples with their relationship with God, each other, and their children thereby creating balance.

This, is the key to success!

Helen Murray was fortunate to sit down with Rob and Stephanie Green as they discuss their book, and raising children. They also discuss the importance of preserving the marriage as you raise children, as many couples become lost as they focus on the children more than themselves as a couple.

Interestingly, they also discuss dad’s role in the delivery room- what to do, and what not to do.

This interview and more is found in our June issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on May 28, 2019!

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