We are fed the lie that flirting in marriage is harmless, and done in good fun.  There are no serious intentions- after all, you are married!  Yet is that the way your spouse sees it?  If so, have you dismissed their concerns as jealousy?  You shouldn’t as there can be serious consequences.
Flirting can indeed harm a marriage- especially if your spouse isn’t comfortable with it, or is made to feel uncomfortable.  The “jealousy” that you feel that they are exhibiting is valid- they shouldn’t be made to feel that they have to compete in any way for your affection.  This is usually how people feel when they are not comfortable with their spouse flirting.
Additionally, perhaps your behavior is crossing the line of what your spouse finds acceptable.  If your spouse feels threatened in any way they need to be taken seriously.  If you don’t stop or dismiss it, your spouse ends up feeling like you don’t care, their self-esteem goes down, intimacy is destroyed, and so is your marriage.  The question becomes, are you willing to give this relationship up for your spouse?  If not, a problem really does exist, and you need to address it as a couple.
More on the effects of flirting on marriage can be found in our next issue coming out on December 27th.  Learn if their behavior is justified, or the result of something else.

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