Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18

Could this be you? Ruts are a comfortable- yet dangerous- place to be. Why dangerous? While there is nothing wrong with being content where we are, we cannot settle for where we are at in life. Settling prevents our upward mobility into God’s plan and purpose over our lives.


Why settling is a bad thing

How do you know that God doesn’t have some incredible vision for your life to take you to heights that you have never dreamed possible? You will never know if you remain in your comfort zone, because everything God will do to promote you will remove you from your comfort zone.

This is the way that God receives the glory in our lives- when we are taken out of our comfort zone, pushed beyond our natural abilities, and enter into a supernatural God. This is when we look back and recognize that we did not accomplish this on our own (because we couldn’t have), and give the glory to God. Things will just flow effortlessly despite feeling stretched, incompetent, and ill-equipped. In essence, we are put into a situation wherein God’s hand is undeniable, thereby making the glory all His, and not ours.

Look at Moses, for example. On several occasions he tells the Lord that he has a speech impediment, and is ill-equipped to deal with Pharaoh. He asks God is Exodus Chapter 3:11, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” He feels as if he is being thrust outside of his comfort zone. God, of course, recognizes that Moses can convince Pharaoh to release the Israelites from captivity, and assures him that He will be with him always.

So what vision has God given you?

God gives each one of us a vision over our lives. Many of us, however, either shy away from it because we see our own limitations, or think that it is of our own making. More often than not, we talk ourselves out of the vision that God has planted in our hearts. And to do what? Live a life in mediocrity because we are too afraid to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace what God wants to do?

Now, I’m not saying to give up everything and go in full force unless this is what God wants you to do. Often, He will give us a vision, but it is up to us to ask Him what He wants us to do, and to tell Him that we are ready. Often, God will take you through a series of steps to walking out your vision, and will put people across your path to help you accomplish it.

But when we run ahead of the vision, we tend to get into trouble and fail when it just wasn’t God’s timing, or we ended up doing things our way.

Deanne Williams discusses why people perish when a vision ceases to exist, and the fullness of what that scripture means over our lives. She will discuss why goals are so important in our lives, and why visions from God are so important in our lives (there are several reasons as to why God’s visions are crucial to a believer).

Deanne will also discuss how to hold on to God’s promises when faced with opposition- including when all things in the natural seem to point to giving up, but you KNOW that you heard from God.

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Be blessed always!

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