You have heard the phrase that, “fear is the opposite of faith”, but it is so prevalent in our lives!  Most of us claim that we aren’t fearful of anything forgetting that even financial concerns can generate a mild to extreme fear response.

Fear, worry, concern, unrest, being unsettled, nervous, anxious, or whatever you choose to call it has it’s roots in fear, not faith, and if we allow it to consume us, it will paralyze our faith and prevent us from moving on to victory.  You cannot live in faith if fear is consuming your life.  Worse yet, for the believer, is not casting your cares upon Christ because then you are saying that even God, in whom all things are possible, is unable to deliver you out of your current situation.  You now own it, and are limiting God’s ability to move over your situation.

Learn how, in this issue, to cast of the shackles of fear, and to trust in the Lord with mountain moving faith over your circumstances.  Watch what God can do in your life, and watch miracles unfold over your life.  God is always just a prayer away, and don’t let fear hold YOU back from the victory that you deserve!

YOU are an over-comer!  Choose to walk in it now.

Freedom from Fear hits our news stands on March 28, 2016.  More details on features and awesome interviews to follow!

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