Fear is the most powerful weapon that Satan has in his arsenal for attack.  Fear grips us, stresses us out, and gives us nightmares about some perceived impending doom that is just lurking up ahead just waiting to attack us.  Fear is the leading cause of anxiety disorders, stress, irritability, depression, mental illness, marital break ups, and failures than anything else.  Moreover, fear is also the source of regrets- a bad case of the should have, could have, would have and didn’ts.

Fear stops us from progressing and prospering.  It stops us in our tracks, and prevents us from attaining victory.

However, when we have faith, we place our trust on God, and when we successfully do that, we achieve a deep, unexplainable sense of peace.  We know that everything will be fine when we cast our cares to God because He will take care of us.  When we trust in the Lord, anxiety cannot exist because of the presence of faith is in operation.

When you know scripture and your authority in Christ, Satan doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and fear cannot be used as a manipulation tactic.

Learn how, in our next issue, to overcome anxiety, and discover what tactics Satan uses to keep you from attaining the victory you deserve in life- free from the bondage of fear!

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