In our February issue, we did an interview with Carolyn Snelling on her new book series, Lolli and Pop.

The Lolli and Pop series teaches children all about the fruit of the spirit.  The pages are beautifully illustrated, and contain bright, vibrant colors that would attract any child’s attention.  Most importantly, parents are teaching their kids about godly characteristics… something that is being lost in today’s society.

Carolyn needs your help to continue the series, however.  She has started a kickstarter campaign to raise money for the next book, and has only nine days left to find backers! 

Carolyn is a person who cares deeply about children and God.  We cannot let a book that teaches our children godly characteristics fade away only to be replaced by worldly garbage!  Choose to fill their minds with something good taught on their level.  Support the Lolli and Pop series!

Carolyn’s campaign can be found at Lolli and Pop Kickstarter Campaign

Her interview can be found in our February issue on page 93, and just under the “We Recommend” header under the magazine, you can click on the link for further information on her published book.

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