Kristin Funston Teaches Moms How To Live A Whole and Holy Life

Working moms often feel pressure to perform well both at work and home. This can be very overwhelming for some moms, and can potentially lead to feelings of inadequacy in one area or another.

Another area in a busy mom’s schedule that often lacks is her spiritual relationship with God, and the closeness that we so crave. In “More For Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life”, Kristin Funston encourages moms to abandon the paradigm that more is needed for them to succeed, and to start living God’s truth that more is available for them.


Kristin sets the beginning steps for moms to reset their spiritual health, emotional health, personal habits and relationship with God through the use of real-life talk, humour, and biblical truths. Funston helps moms to examine each day and facet of their lives to uncover what happens when they shift their mindset to believing that God has more for them than what the world needs from them.

Funston teaches moms that God’s design for them is to lead a whole and holy life. She teaches that all facets of life can be meshed together through Christ to compose one life- a whole life- set apart because of Him.

Funston commented, ““For a long time, I lived my life from a place of depletion. I was physically and emotionally tired all the time, always feeling like someone was needing something from me, and ultimately just in a state of constant unrest, if you will.”

“When looking back, I can see that I lived my life for so long from a transactional standpoint—one that is very culturally based in our consumeristic world—a life of giving and receiving—back and forth between myself, others, even God. Life was always a give and take. However, this didn’t line up with John 10:10 in my mind, as it wasn’t giving and receiving from a place of abundance, but of depletion instead. I looked around and saw so many other women, moms especially, living this same way,” she added.

Funston helps women change their approach by:

  1. Recognizing what it looks like during our everyday routine to be whole and holy.
  2. To strategize and execute a plan in the mental games that women play.
  3. Understanding the secret truth behind women who work and our perceptions of living up to expectations.

In our interview with Kristin Funston, she discusses her latest book, “More For Moms”, and what it means for women to live a whole life. She discusses what that looks like, and how to incorporate God into helping us manage our day to day without feelings of inadequacy or being overwhelmed- areas that most moms can identify with!

Our interview with Kristin Funston and more will appear in our June issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on Monday, May 27, 2019!

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