Will The Next Generation Fight The Faith Fight And Win Or Be Consumed By The World?

First and foremost, our duty as parents is to ensure that our children have both a relationship with God, and are able to defend their faith. A relationship with God is important, as it grounds them in who they are in Christ, and increase their self-worth. Meanwhile, being able to defend their faith will give them boldness and confidence when the world steps in and tells them what they believe is false.


It’s So Hard To Raise Children With Society Giving Them So Many Mixed Messages!

It’s not easy, absolutely! However, historically, society hasn’t changed much. In Jesus’ time, many of the same issues existed- Jesus saw it all- and yet He overcame the world. What exists isn’t new, but it’s the power and method of the delivery that has become more vocal/targeted.

In short, same message, different delivery. Therein lies our challenge in raising our children. So what does that mean? We need to get louder, too, with our message to our kids, and it needs to be consistent.

Scripture Alone Isn’t Enough To Build Their Faith

Scripture is great. Recitation is wonderful. But if you don’t know what it means, nor how to apply it, or the why of it all, you are lost. How are you going to defend something that you don’t understand or that you are not living? How are you going to be bold in expressing what you know when it’s all head knowledge?

Doubt creeps in so fast when our children don’t know the answers because what they are being fed sounds plausible if they don’t know the truth. It sounds like it could be true, but it often is far from it.

Even when science proves the Bible, it’s quickly discarded, or doesn’t really see the attention that it deserves. Quite often, science proves the Bible- but our children are not quick to hear that message unless it comes from a parent.

Equally, the greatest debate to overcome for many children is how do you prove that something that you can’t see (per se), touch, tangibly feel (if you are an unbeliever), hear or smell exists. It’s the scientific mind (which isn’t wrong unto itself) that has children questioning and quantifying what they experience. The greatest question of “proving” that God exists in this way can be daunting.

But if you know God, you know that you can feel God- we feel His presence all the time. We can hear God because we have a relationship with Him, and God can reveal Himself and His plans to us supernaturally.

But trying to get a determined unbeliever to believe in the supernatural… That may be challenging only if you don’t know why you believe what you believe. Worse yet, if their argument casts doubt, unequipped a seed might be planted.

This is why many youth fall abandoned their faith while receiving a post-secondary education.

How To You Cut Through The Confusion?

How do you raise up a powerful generation of new believers when there is such confusion going on in both society and being taught in schools? Our youth are facing more issues than ever, and anxiety, stress, and depression are on the rise. How, as parents, can we help our children to cope… not only with issues that are not biblical, but with issues that effect their faith. How do we guide them through?

The question is simple: How do we raise future faith fighters who can quench the fiery darts of Satan and do it better that previous generations? Will they stay on fire or fizzle?

You’re Not Helping… Yet.

But we will! Our April issue is overfilled (literally, overfilled) with information regarding how to raise up a youth that will impact the world for God, who are strong in what they believe, and are able to defend themselves mightily.

But it won’t come without parental involvement. It won’t come if parents won’t invest time in training and equipping their children in the Word. And it won’t be easy, because we have an enemy that is out to destroy our children’s faith.

But if you fervently won’t let that happen, if you know that God is the only way to joy and happiness, then this issue will grow your family.

Will your children be the victory as God intended, or another generation of victims? You decide what you want to see… then go out and do it!

Our April issue is released on March 26, 2019.

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