G.F. Watkins is an international leader, author, speaker and church planter.  He has founded the Jordan Ranch retreat centre which is Texas’ premier place for retreats.  It acts to serve others, and provide a place for people/groups to connect, leadership development, and spiritual strength.

G.F. WatkinsG.F. Watkins has additionally planted churches in Texas, Africa, and Peru.  He is both the founder and leader of GenesisTeam.org which trains ministry leaders globally.

He was, at one time, an All-American athlete and coach.  Now, G.F. Watkins uses the principles and patterns he obtained in this position to encourage, motivate, strengthen and mobilize the multitudes.  His message is “Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous”.  Watkins has travelled the globe restoring men so that they are better leaders in both home and in their communities.

He is considered a foremost authority in Men’s Ministry, and on fatherlessness.

Among the books that he has written are: “Take Your Place”, “The Alpha Male and The Women Who Get Them”, and his latest, “Test Me, The Malachi Mystery”.

Faith Filled Family was able to interview G.F. Watkins, and discuss his latest book, “Test Me, The Malachi Mystery” which is largely based on the principle of tithing.  The book is a very interesting, and thought-provoking read that will challenge a believer’s concept on what tithing really is, the importance of it, and what it means to the believer.  Additionally, G.F. Watkins gets readers to challenge common misconceptions in this area so that they can come to obtain the fullness of God’s truth in this area.

Our interview with G.F. Watkins will be in our October issue coming out on September 26, 2018!

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