Jimmy Fortune discusses the Project in detail.

Some of the country and gospel music’s most respected singers and musicians, Jimmy Fortune, Ben Isaacs, Bradley Walker, and Mike Rogers, have teamed up to release “Brotherly Love“. Released via Gaither Music Group and produced by Isaacs, the CD/DVD project features their seamless blends and intricate arrangements that set a high bar musically, showcasing warm, inviting harmonies that mirror their long-time friendships. 

Each member brings their own wealth of experience to “Brotherly Love”, creating an intriguing combination of styles and influences. The result is a diverse collection that spotlights some of the best-loved gems on America’s musical landscape. Walker takes lead on the mournful Hank Williams Sr. classic, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Fortune’s pristine tenor shines on the Vince Gill hit, “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” Rogers delivers a spirited take on the O Brother, Where Art Thou hit “Man of Constant Sorrow” and Isaacs warm voice revives Don Williams’ hit “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good.” 

Fortune rose to fame as a member of the Statler Brothers and penned some of their biggest hits (“Elizabeth,” “Too Much on My Heart”) before forging a successful solo career when the quartet retired. Walker is a DOVE Award-winning artist with a strong following in country, gospel and bluegrass. Isaacs, a DOVE Award-winning producer, has performed with his mother and sisters for years as the GRAMMY-nominated group The Isaacs. Formerly with the legendary Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and currently on the road with Craig Morgan, Rogers is one of the most highly respected musicians in bluegrass music.

The four friends shared their close-knit blends with country music singer, songwriter, and storyteller Rory Feek, who hosted the LIVE video recording in his concert barn in Tennessee. Physical copies of the CD released digitally on May 29th. The DVD and TV special, hosted by Rory Feek at his barn in Columbia, TN, is released on September 4th. The upcoming DVD and TV special, Brotherly Love, captures the intimate evening of song and storytelling, filmed in-the-round, that will feature an introduction by Bill Gaither and behind-the-scenes interviews with Feek and the group members, who discuss the music they chose for the performance and share how these songs have touched their lives. 

Faith Filled Family Magazine enthusiastically presents this interview with Jimmy Fortune about the Brotherly Love CD and DVD project.

How did the idea for the Brotherly Love project come to be?  

When we first got together to sing, our voices blended so well we knew it was something special. But more than that, we knew we were four-of-a-kind in our hearts and souls, and we knew we were brothers in Christ. Brotherly Love needed to be the name of this project.

What was it like working with Ben, Bradley, and Mike? How was it different from working as a solo artist?  

It’s very different working with a group than as a solo artist. You have other singers and personalities to lean on. I worked with the Statler Brothers for 21 years, so I was familiar with being with a quartet. To be a solo singer you have to broaden your range, but with a quartet I mostly sing tenor.

What was your favorite part of recording Brotherly Love and working with producer Ben Isaacs?  Do you have a favorite song on the project? If so, which song? 

My favorite part was all of us being together so much; I never get tired of that. Ben Isaacs has some of the best instincts of being a producer, and I’ve worked with some of the best. My favorite song is ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,’ which I didn’t even sing on. Bradley Walker owns that song!

How did you decide to have Rory Feek host the DVD special? What was the filming process like?  

I just found out he was going to be a part of it, and I was thrilled that he was going to host! He is one of the most talented people in the business. Rory is a natural at hosting which made the filming process very enjoyable.

What do you hope fans take away from Brotherly Love? 

I hope they feel the love for the songs and the music and the love we have for each other. I hope that love will spill over in their hearts, and they can take it with them forever.

Faith Filled Family Magazine would like to thank Jimmy Fortune for his inside look on the Brotherly Love DVD/CD Project. We would also like to thank Jimmy Fortune’s publicist, Mackenzie Clayburg, for facilitating this interview.

FFFM hopes that the Brotherly Love CD/DVD inspires people to react with Brotherly Love towards one another. 

*FFFM would like to inform our readers that not all of the songs on this CD/DVD contain overt Christian lyrics.

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