Being bored isn’t always reserved for children….  Many people suffering from depression suffer numerous addictions- including gambling.

Reasons as to why vary.  Sometimes it is out of boredom with life so they feel they need excitement, it can be the “fantasy” of winning/having more money, a pick me up, or a form of escape.  It should be noted, however, that not all people who are addicted to gambling suffer from depression.  Most professionals will treat the addiction before they treat any underlying cause such as depression which often emerges either in therapy or one the addiction has been successfully treated.

gamblingA true diagnosis often happens when the superfluous issues have been dealt with and eliminated- including physical attributes which can mimic mental illness such as sleep deprivation, some medications, and extreme stress.

Whether gambling is due to depression, or is just simply an addiction, one cannot deny its effects on the family.  Gamblers can empty an entire pay check on what they feel is a sure thing, or a good hand.  They justify their addiction.  When confronted, they often become angry and hostile justifying their behaviour.  Some may promise to quit, but without help most return back to the lifestyle.  Gambling destroys marriages, and can leave couples destitute.  It not only destroys finances, but can destroy a marriage as well.

Helen Murray discusses why people suffering from depression often gamble, and its effects on the family.  She will also talk about how a family can help someone break the bondage of this addiction from a biblical perspective.

Hope when coping with a gambling addiction is not lost, but you have to know where to go for help.  Additionally, the person themselves must want help, and never underestimate the power of prayer.  When all seems lost, God often steps in if you will trust Him, and turn your spouse over to Him.

This topic and others dealing with depression, anxiety, suicide and addictions can be found in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine.  Our next issue will be released on August 27, 2018!



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