Getting married is always a big step in a couple’s life.  It involves making a commitment to another person for a lifetime, and involved the joining together of two separate people into one flesh.

marriageWhile the world paints a picture of finding that “soulmate” or “perfect person” in which to spend the rest of your life with, and ending with the phrase, “And they lived happily ever after”, we know that marriage takes commitment.  It isn’t a “happily ever after” scenario.  Couples who will be married the longest  have learned that communication, willingness to compromise, and unwavering commitment are the keys to longevity in marriage.  The most useful statement that I have ever heard regarding love in marriage is that love is a choice.  Lasting love is not a feeling because it can fade, or ebb and flow.  Loving someone is a choice- it’s a commitment that even if things aren’t perfect, when we are struggling, even when our spouse seems “unlovable” by the things they say/do, we choose to love them anyway.  It is the example of Christ’s love for us that we should exhibit to our spouses.

Our June issue is dedicated to all of the couples who are engaged, and looking forward to a future filled with the promises of God over their marriage.  We will help each couple to lay a firm foundation of success in married life- success with God at the centre and with each other.  This is also a wonderful issue for couples who are already married, because we tackle issues that are common in marriage as well.

It is our desire to see families/couples strong and thriving for Christ.  This issue will lay a firm foundation in each marriage that cannot be broken.  May our marriages be shining examples of Christ’s love.

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