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Gil Bates Father Of Nineteen Shares His Heart On Faith and Family

Gil Bates is the father of 19 children, and stars in UP TV’s reality series, “Bringing Up Bates” with his wife, Kelly Jo.  Gil provides Faith Filled Family with a touching and in-depth interview of what life is like for their family.

This series takes viewers into the back-to-the basics lifestyle of the Bates family.  Filmed in Tennessee, viewers tune in to find the Bates family doing what they love the most: worshiping the Lord and loving on each other.

Viewers will find the family both warm, inviting and honest as each episode goes through a typical day/event in the family’s life.

In this interview, Gil discusses his thoughts on parenting, the family’s on air experience, and provides “teasers” for upcoming episodes.

With 19 children, there is a lot going on in the Bates’ Family!  Readers will find this interview touching and heart warming.


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