Gil Bates is the father of 19 children, and stars in UP TV’s reality series, “Bringing Up Bates” with his wife, Kelly Jo.  Gil provides Faith Filled Family with a touching and in-depth interview of what life is like for their family.

This series takes viewers into the back-to-the basics lifestyle of the Bates family.  Filmed in Tennessee, viewers tune in to find the Bates family doing what they love the most: worshiping the Lord and loving on each other.

Viewers will find the family both warm, inviting and honest as each episode goes through a typical day/event in the family’s life.

In this interview, Gil discusses his thoughts on parenting, the family’s on air experience, and provides “teasers” for upcoming episodes.

With 19 children, there is a lot going on in the Bates’ Family!  Readers will find this interview touching and heart warming.


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