Reports today show that Christian families are stressed more than ever!  No one seems happy or content anymore as we feel the burden of stress over finances, crime and divorce.

Yet we wonder why when we have all the luxuries and material things that previous generations could only dream about such as internet, cell phones and realistic video games. Everything is handheld and portable. The world is literally in the palm of our hands… Isn’t it?

Where did things go wrong? Most families have turned away from God and become materialistic. Families do not sit down at dinner time anymore. Everyone is now texting the person sitting next to them. Prayer has been taken out of schools. Disciplining your children in most cases is not an option.

We live in such a fast paced world, we have forgotten what is important. God is important! We need to bring God back into our families. Families would see stress levels go down, crime rate and divorce rates drop and finances improve.

While life may not perfect for the child of God, you sure are able to cope better knowing you have a mighty hand on your side.

Our Two Cents:

The bible says; “Love your neighbors and enemies”.

Love starts at home. We need more family time. Put the cell phones away during supper, talk to one another, find out what is going on in everyone’s lives. Know the music your child is listening to, and monitor the internet. Most of all, in everything, pray. Prayer is the keyword. Sit down with the bible and read.

I remember my grandparents.  The day was started with the bible, prayer was said at meals, the day ended with reading of the bible and prayer. I know they experienced stress from time to time. I was always amazed, even as a child, They seemed to have things under control.

REMEMBER! They may have taken prayer from school. They have not and will never take it from our hearts.


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