If you answered no, then why are you letting lack determine your altitude?

Should a lack of education, lack of finances, lack of social status, lack of opportunity, lack of proper upbringing, lack of good environment, perceived lack of ability prevent you from God’s calling on your life?
The only common denominator in that sentence is lack, and it’s not something that God intended for you to walk in for your entire life.  Our future is only limited by our thoughts and perceptions.  We limit ourselves- not God.  We limit ourselves by our thinking, words and actions every time we feel that we are not worthy, or use what we are lacking to hold us back from achieving God’s best.
To say that we cannot prosper in life really means that God does not have the power to overcome our present situation.  It says that God cannot work with a lack of education to promote us in the workforce.  It says that since we grew up in poverty, God cannot raise us up out of it.  It says that you have to grow up rich in order to be successful.  It says that God cannot create opportunities out of thin air, nor can He open doors.  It says that we are doomed by a poor upbringing and can never move past it.  It says that we are not God’s children, who were perfectly made according to His likeness and image because God forgot to give us any ability- we have a defect, we aren’t talented enough.  It says that God cannot overcome our past challenges and use us for His glory.
Where does it say that in the Bible?  Maybe it’s all in our heads.
If God can use Moses who had a speech impediment and a lack of self-esteem to lead a mighty nation into the Promised Land, use Joseph despite life’s challenges and unfairness to be a leader, use David, a Shepard boy, mightily to rule a nation, and raise up amazing people to fulfill their calling, He can perform miracles in your life, too.
God never said that He can’t turn your mess into success.  In fact, it says that He opens doors that no man can shut.  God never said that once in poverty, always in poverty.  He said I will supply all your needs according to my riches and glory.  God never said that a lack of education disqualifies you from your calling, or a lack of anything disqualifies you from your purpose in life.  It is us who disqualifies ourselves by our justifications of why we can never rise up.  Our words and attitudes limit us- not God.
Learn how to rise up and attain what God has destined for your life.  Do not let your past determine the outcome of your future.  Do not let anything stand in the way from a future bright with God.  He will use you for His glory no matter what your social status, race, ethnicity, education, financial status, etc.  He will promote you- not man.
Our next issue deals with the very topic of lack and how to overcome it.  It will take you down the road to victory in life.  Are you ready for the most amazing ride of your life?  Buckle in, because it’s a miraculous ride to the top!

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