God Is Asking: Do You Trust Me Completely?

Most of us want to trust God, and many of us think that we do. However, if you have ever experienced worry, anxiety, or fear, then you are not fully trusting in God.

When we are in God, scripture tells us there is an absence of worry and anxiety. Scripture tells us to cast our cares and anxieties upon Him. We are to give up whatever is lurking ahead or whatever we are fearful of and take refuge in our Lord. He is our rock and our fortress. In Him, we find our comfort, strength, and peace.

So Why Do We Worry?

Worrying comes from not trusting in God. If we trust in Him, then we know that whatever comes, He is there to handle it. It is knowing that He wants only the best for us, and that He will never forsake us. Even though we may not know why things are happening, there is someone who knows our beginning and our ending. He has preordained it. So while we may not know what dangers may try to overcome it, He does. He will help us navigate a way through it if we only trust in Him.

The Problem?


We rely too much on our own strength and problem-solving abilities to turn to Him. You can say that it is pride, but we tend to want to take control. Why? It is because we are concerned to some degree of what will happen. Doubt creeps in as to what will happen. Will God show up? Is God going to show up on time? What happens if He doesn’t? Yet none of these is scriptural.

Furthermore, why are we worried over events that we have no control over? Can we control the outcome, or do we need to let God help us? He is our loving Father, and as a Father, He doesn’t want to see any one of His children suffer.

January’s topic is about surrendering to God completely. While many of us think that we are completely sold out to Him, or maybe want to be, there are areas of our lives where fear or doubt creep in. These are areas, if we are not careful, that Satan can obtain a foothold into our lives.

It also talks about areas that we lack trust in when it comes to our relationship with God. He wants us to come to Him when things are good with our praises, and in times of challenge. Yet, too many of us try to do things on our own.

Ring in the new year with our January 2022 issue coming out on December 28, 2021!

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