“The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness and without injustice, Righteous and upright is He.” Deuteronomy 32:4

The desire to seek revenge when someone has wronged you can seem overwhelming.  We feel the sting of offence, and the indignation of an injustice.  Yet, in our rationalizations, we never think outside of ourselves- meaning that our perception is that this grievous injustice was maliciously done to us, not as a result of an oversight.

Most of the time, people are oblivious to the perceived “injustices” they have caused.  They may be caught up in their own desires, thoughts, needs, wants, or ambition to clearly see who might be affected by their actions.  In this case, the injustice wasn’t directed at you- it was merely an oversight.  People don’t always do things maliciously against you.  However, for those that do…

We are not to take revenge.

It’s hard, because we sooooo want to.  We want to get even, or even the score.  Worse yet, it when they appear to always get what they want while stepping on others- and it is never brought to justice.

We can get impatient with waiting for God to move.  Our conversations with God often are, “See, see, God what this person did intentionally to me?  It wasn’t fair that they were recognized when they did nothing!  Why did I get overlooked?  I played fair, and I deserved to “win”.  Why didn’t I?  Why did they get away with it?  What are YOU going to do God?”

It seems as if He isn’t moving, or not moving fast enough.

However, God is moving.  He is a God of justice.  He will not tolerate His children being treated poorly.  However, the malice that you hold in your heart needs to be let go.  Contempt won’t make things right, it will just hinder your prayer life.  Also remember that God knows the heart and the motives behind everything we do.  He may be doing a work in someone.  Furthermore, it is God who promotes, and God who takes down- not man.  People who obtain things maliciously have a habit of failing miserably as they usually don’t have the character to sustain their new-found position.  Additionally, if someone is doing something against you, generally you are not the only one!  It’s hard to get support from colleagues that you have previously used.

In our August issue, we discuss how God is a God of justice, and exactly what this means.  We will walk you through letting go of past wrongs and walking in forgiveness.  Also, we will show you what happens when you don’t “play nice”.  God will always seek justice- in His timing.

Our August issue releases on July 26, 2017!

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