What about the things that you aren’t aware of that God disapproves of?

We’re not always taught that list! How many behaviors that are accepted by society as “harmless”, “fun” or “the norm” are things that God really despises? Yet many of us don’t even know about them. And we do them without thinking because we have never thought twice about them.

They aren’t topics that are always discussed at church. In fact, the most common place for these discussions is during youth group. But what if you’re a new Christian, and you’ve never heard of these things before? You may be displeasing God, and not even know it!

We Test Your knowledge… Good or bad? Here’s our list


Are the following things okay according to God, or not? Also, don’t assume that they are all bad… we want to test your knowledge!

  • “Sexual innuendos/jokes” are okay between friends. They know that I don’t mean anything by them!
  • I like to flirt. My spouse knows that it’s harmless fun!
  • There is no harm in hanging out with friends of the opposite sex!
  • “I like the ladies/men!” I can be a player as long as those who I am with are aware of it.
  • Harmless gossip is okay as long as it’s kept secret between friends.
  • Secrets between friends are okay. I don’t have to tell my spouse everything!
  • Playing politics at work is okay… It’s the only way to get ahead!
  • “The fish was three feet long!” and other tall tales. Everyone does it… It’s laughable!
  • Taking supplies from work isn’t stealing. They expect you to take that stuff!
  • Putting shopping carts back and picking up garbage are traits that God rewards!

How do you think that you did? Are you guilty of any of these?

Our answers to the following statements will be on our site on Monday. You might be surprised at the truth of the matter!

If you disagree, and want further clarification, please read our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on February 26, 2020. Then, decide for yourself!

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