When their child is born, most parents pray that there are no physical deformities.  They have dreams, plans, hopes and aspirations for that child.

Special needs children often aren’t diagnosed until they are over eighteen months old.  A child not meeting their milestones, or there being a delay, often triggers further investigation and testing.  Parents wait through the process hoping that it’s nothing.  Many are shocked at the outcome.

Parents report that they go through a period of mourning feeling as if all their plans for that child have now drastically changed.  It’s normal- they have changed.  All of the plans they had for that child suddenly evaporate as they realize that their child’s future will be different than they had envisioned.  However, their plan has changed- not God’s- and their future may be different.  But different is not necessarily bad.  Many children with special needs- whether it is physical, behavioral, etc- are very content, and lead full lives.

Parents of children with learning disabilities face the same challenges as those who are faced with a diagnosis of autism- for example.  Parents may see the learning disability as an obstacle to their child receiving a higher education, or even a good paying job.  Although what they fail to notice is that many successful people have learning disabilities, and the diagnosis does not have to limit your child.  They commonly go through a period of seeing the limitations instead of seeing the truth that God indeed has a plan and purpose for them.

Kelly Ann Mitchell lovingly discusses that God indeed has a plan and purpose for your child with special needs.  He can, does, and will use them for His glory.  Their future is not limited, but limitless as God can do anything.

Kelly journies parents away from that sense of despair and into a place of hope as she encourages you to help your child be who God designed them to be.  Every child is special in God’s eyes.  Kelly will help shift your perspective and give you both hope, and encouragement.

Our next issue comes out April 26, 2017.


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