One of the most amazing things about God is that He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19).  God is truth, and this mere fact should catapult a Christian’s faith… but it doesn’t, because we often second guess our situation.

God’s promises are yes and amen according to 2 Corinthians 1:20.  So, if God cannot lie, and His promises are always a yes (by promises we mean as outlined in scripture such as needs being met, etc), then why do we doubt?  That little seedling of doubt planted in your heart has the potential to grow and take root.  It can negatively affect your faith over the situation.  So instead of a positive outcome as promised in the Bible, we circumvent what God wants to do by taking control over the situation and doing something on our own strength.  Sometimes, we become angry at God asking Him why He didn’t “show up” when He may have been just waiting for the right time to do the miraculous.

Long ago, I had been in a situation wherein there wasn’t enough money to put food on the table in the natural.  All of the finances went to pay the bills.  God had made a promise to me that He would provide for us, and not to worry.  I remembered that promise, and hung on to it.  When things became tough, I would reflect on the promise, and in my prayer time remind myself of what God had said.

Many times it appeared as if there were no way out in the natural.  We were down to the last day… last minute… and desperately needed a miracle.  I could have taken charge over the situation so many times… I could have reacted out of emotion.  However, I knew what God had promised, and each time- providing I clung to my faith- He was always faithful.

We would suddenly find money laying around the house, an envelop would appear anonymously, someone would be cleaning out their freezer and ask if we wanted the food…  God always provided.  His promise to me was always “yes” and “so be it”.

Even when I became concerned, frightened, or worried, I would hear God’s voice reminding me of His promise.  I can’t say that He ever let me down, nor can I say that I was ever disappointed.

So what are you believing for?  Does it line up to God’s promises?  If it does, then you already know what the outcome will be.  There is no question, so there should be no fear.  God will show up as long as you remain faithful.

Our next issue discusses this characteristic of God in greater depth- that God is a God of truth.  The topic will delve into the nature of God, and His promises.  It will offer those who desperately need a miracle comfort in knowing that God will come through… He always does.

Our next issue comes out on our website on July 26, 2017.

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