All Christians know that God is love.  It is probably one of the first things that we are taught because more often than not, many of us give our lives to Him in a time of crisis.  He heals our brokenness, and makes us whole.  He comforts us, and gives us strength.  This is the God that we hang on to, the one we recognize, and the one that we accept in our minds.  While this is a demonstration of God’s love, it is not God’s love in its entirety.  To stop short of realizing the fullness of God’s love, and His love for us it to our detriment because without the component of correction, it stunts our ability to grow.

In the five years that I have spent as both a publisher, and writer for Faith Filled Family, I have noticed a very prevalent pattern when it comes to the popularity of certain posts.  Posts that describe a gentle, loving, full of grace type of God receive higher approval and more popularity than those that serve to correct according to God’s Word.  If we were to discuss God’s love for you, and how His grace covers all of your sins all the time, we would be the most popular magazine in the world!  However, we would also be doing a disservice to our readers who depend on us for the truth, and the truth isn’t always easy to accept depending on the subject.

Many subjects hit close to “home”, and if it’s too close, our guard tends to come up.  Most of us may dismiss the information as inaccurate on some level because our flesh rises up and will make any excuse to continue to sin.  Some of us become so riled that we lash out in comments, or walk away entirely.  However, that feeling of indignation can be mistaken for conviction.  Why else would you walk away if you weren’t doing anything wrong?  If it were wrong, most people would just dismiss the information as inaccurate, or just simply mentally say, “I disagree”.

If you want to know what the truth is, go to the scripture and ask God to reveal it to you.  Open your heart to receive what He has to say because it’s only to benefit you.  The reality is that God does correct His children, and through the Word.  Scripture says not to despise correction, as correction comes from a Father that loves you. Job 5:127 says:

“Blessed is the one whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.

“For the LORD corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.” Proverbs 3:12

There is a misnomer that God corrects His children by putting sickness on them, using a disaster to punish them, or other harsher forms of behavior- many of which do not measure up to what scripture states.  For example, why would God use sickness to teach a person something, or as a punishment, when Jesus died so that we would be healed?  Scripture says that sickness is not of God, otherwise why would He be called the divine physician/healer?  No where do we hear God called the author of sickness or disease.  Why would He use it to teach us a lesson?

Most “lessons” are taught through scripture, or through our relationship with Christ.  Sometimes God will use other people to bring about change by the way of prophetic utterances and word of knowledge.  He will put people in your path to cause change, but that’s usually after He tries to deal with you directly.

Sin that isn’t addressed usually results in separation between us and God, which is never a place that a believer wants to be in.

So the next time you want to dismiss an article in indignation, consider what the message is.  Is what is being said unscriptural, or is there more to it?  The flesh can rise up in a heartbeat when convicted, so we need to always be aware of why we feel offense because the Holy Spirit may be trying to tell you something.  Believe me, you want to hear correction from the Lord because He can use more public ways of getting your focus back onto Him.  Always listen to what He has to say because it’s only for your own good.  To ignore it means that you are not walking in the fullness of God, and can seriously be missing out on something big!

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