Are you lost?  
You may have just inadvertantly stumbled into the right place.
Do you know that there is a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine?  In fact, scripture says three things:
1. God loves His children so much and He gave His only Son so that we may obtain eternal life in Heaven and be delivered from the curse of the enemy (Satan).
Think about it.  God loved YOU so much that He allowed Roman officials to crucify His “only begotten Son” so that His children would not perish (die) but live eternally in Heaven with Him.  How many parents could or would have done the same thing?
Furthermore, Jesus not only died for your eternal salvation, but He took on all of the sins of the world.  He experienced it- and Jesus was righteous (blameless) before dying on the cross.
Why would a God who doesn’t love you do such a thing?
2. In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus describes that His sheep know His voice.  He guides them, prevents “wolves” (Satan) from consuming them, He looks after them, and tends lovingly to their needs.  God also goes after that one sheep that strays.  Even though He has 99 sheep that follow Him, that one lost sheep is of utmost importance to Him.
Your salvation is important to Him.  It is not God’s desire that any should perish in eternal damnation.  It is His desire that we live forever in Heaven with Him.
3.  All of Heaven rejoices when one person gives their life.
Scripture doesn’t say that all of Heaven rejoices when we “get things right”, “do things according to God”, or “are good”.  God knows we are sinners.  Yet because He loves us, the blood that Christ shed for the remission of our sins covers the darkness that surrounds us.  Instead of being stained with sin, we are washed clean by the blood of the lamb (Jesus).
The fact that all of Heaven rejoices when we give our lives tells us how important salvation is in God’s eyes.  Heaven rejoices when we choose to live a life filled with Christ.
Would Satan rejoice as much?  Guffaw with impish glee, maybe, but not truly celebrate.
“It’s all fake!” you say. “There is no God.”
But what, if by some fluke, He is real.  What if He is real, you have rejected Him, and you end up spending the rest of eternity in Hell? (total darkness, wailing, gnashing of teeth, torment).  Doesn’t sound like a fun place.
Also, when you die, do you really want it to be the end?  What if your soul does live on after a physical death.  Do you want to take a chance and miss it?
Furthermore, what do you stand to loose if you don’t believe.  Absolutely nothing.  Yet you have everything to gain.
In fact, the fact that you are still reading this post proves that you are curious enough about the subject to continue reading.  The fact that you may have come here by mistake proves that there may be something guiding your path.  And if you’re angry… that proves that you may not be as certain in your position as you think.  You may be secretly wondering if there is more… otherwise you would have stopped reading long ago and discarded the message entirely.
Our June issue is on salvation and rededication.  We will discuss why people need to know and hear the gospel, why salvation is important, and the reasons that people fall away from Christ.
If you know of someone who needs Jesus in their life, please share this message.  You could be saving their life.

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