God’s Not Dead 2
Genre: Christian Drama
Running Time: 120 minutes


The movie opens with history teacher, Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart) noticing that one of her students has become withdrawn after the recent death of her brother.  The student, Brooke Thawley (Hayley Orrantia) notices Grace’s positive attitude, and she asks the question as to where she finds her hope.  Grace, in response, shares Jesus with her.
Upon a lecture regarding Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., Brooke draws parallels between these great men and the biblical correlation of the Sermon on the Mount.  Grace responds in the affirmative quoting scripture resulting in students texting parents about the class.
The school board is less than thrilled, as they feel her actions are in violation of the separation between church and state.  They feel that faith has clouded her judgement.  They inform her that legal action will be taken against her if she refuses to apologize and acknowledge that her actions were inappropriate.
The case is brought before the Supreme Court with the intent of securing Grace’s termination, and stripping her of her teaching license.  They cite that she violated school guideline, however, their ultimate goal is to prove, in a court of law, that God is Dead.
Brooke rallies to Grace’s side, despite the wishes of her parents who wish to use it to their own benefit to catapult her into Stanford University.  Their non-theistic views clash with her new-found beliefs causing quite a stir.
Things look bleak for Grace as evidence is piled against her.  Can she secure her teaching position, and prove, ultimately, that God is not dead?
This movie is the ultimate battle of whether church and state should be separated in not only the public school system, but in general.  Compelling arguments are made in favor of the separation on a secular level and they are convincing.  Yet other arguments are made to support Jesus by using fact-based references.  It calls into question what constitutes “fact”, and does fact support Jesus Christ?

A Powerful Message for Every Believer

God’s Not Dead 2 will challenge your thinking, and expand your understanding of how history, fact, and scripture all combine into one.  It highlights the fear in today’s world that people have of expressing their faith, and how one-sided it appears to be.  It points out that all forms of diversity/tolerance are welcomed- except Christianity- and points out the hypocracy.  It will have Christians rallying towards a greater cause that God should not be dead in today’s society, but be included in it as historically it always has been.  It doesn’t create a message of exclusion or separation of faiths/beliefs, but an inclusion.
The movie illustrates persecution in many forms as various lives intertwine, but victory shines through.
God’s Not Dead 2 had some AMAZING quotes:
“The gospel stands in the way of what powerful people want because the gospel doesn’t change.” Pastor Hill
“Who do you say I am?” A question repeatedly referenced by Grace.
The movie is very thought-provoking in it’s content, and will keep viewers riveted to their screens.  It is very relative to what is going on in the world today, and offers a contrasting opinion to popular secular belief systems.  Sadly, it is these erroneous systems that Christians have fallen prey to, and succumbed to.  God’s Not Dead 2 provides a portrait of one woman’s conviction to believe in God despite the cost, persecution, and hardship that she must endure.  She is an example of unwavering faith that many of the apostles exemplified.


I would rate this movie as 5/5 stars.  It is family friendly in content, however, younger viewers might not understand the deep discussions.  It will, however, ignite their faith and passion for God.
The only negative was one scene where a father slaps his son across the face in a dorm room.
God’s Not Dead 2 appeared in theaters in April, and will be available shortly through most retailers.

Faith Filled Family would like to thank Howie Simon from Pure Publicity for allowing us to review this movie.

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