GOd provided mightily in the beginning, and now we are struggling. Why?

It doesn’t make sense. Scripture tells us that God will provide all of our needs… And He did, initially. Now, there is some provision, but just enough for us to be comfortably uncomfortable. What is going on?

Many of us have gone through a season of financial lack. Sometimes the reason is temporary unemployment, extended unemployment, sickness, death of a spouse, etc. Or sometimes it’s self-induced by debt.


For those of us who have experienced financial lack, we are familiar with how stressful it is on both ourselves and our families. We cling in desperation to the fact that we will be employed soon, that provision is coming, or repentance for past mistakes. We beg God to meet our needs… we cry out. And God is faithful to answer. But sometimes He is faithful to a point.

Faithful to a point?

Yes, God will provide all of your needs. God doesn’t lie, and He will always make a way. However, there are a few things that we need to clarify:

  1. God will meet your needs. Period. It doesn’t say that He will meet your wants, but your needs. Our needs are the basic needs are those outlined in Matthew 6- food, shelter, and clothing. If we can prove faithful (He that is faithful with little will be faithful with much), God will exceed our needs, but are we proving faithful? Moreover, are we being thankful?
  2. God will meet your needs abundantly, but scripture doesn’t say indefinitely. We are expected to mature in our faith. How can we grow if we continue to rely on God to provide? We need to do the work ourselves. We cannot rely on God indefinitely for “hand-outs”. At some point He will make us comfortably uncomfortable so that we have no choice but to stand on our own. Otherwise, we will never progress forward in the kingdom.

James George discusses the reasons why it may feel like youre are in a financial drought after God has provided abundantly. There are many reasons as to why this may be happening, and George will provide insights as to how to overcome your situation.

James will go over whether God is teaching you or testing you. He will also talk about why God may have pulled back on His provision, and how to move forward.

This issue and more are featured in our November issue coming out on October 28, 2019.

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