Know who you are in Christ, Leader

If asked, many of us would say that we are a good leader… or at least strive to be.  Yet, if we look to Jesus as our model as to how to lead, how many of us would really measure up?  Have we fallen short of the “mark”?


When leading  your team, do you exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. Patience and compassion.  It’s easy to be patient when you have time, but what about when you are racing against a deadline or facing stress?  Furthermore, when people come to you with challenges, do you give them your undivided attention and try to mutually solve the problem together?  As Christians, we should be patient with others.  When they speak, we should listen and treat them as if they were important- because they are!
  2. Can you say that you honestly care about those around you?  If you need to use manipulation in order to get things done or motivate people, you are operating outside of godly leadership.
  3. Do you disciple others?  The hallmark of a good teacher is encouraging others to be greater than yourself so that they can fulfill the call on their life.
  4. Do you see the best in people, or do you see their flaws?  How can you lead people to where they belong when you are being critical, judgemental, or jealous?

This is just a partial list of characteristics that Jesus displayed, and common areas that we fall short of.  We are so concerned about ourselves, our position, and our security, that we fail to truly lead others.



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