Grace is not a license to continue to live a life of habitual sin.

When God convicts you of sin in your life, it is to bring you to repentance.  However, most of us don’t even know what repentance even means- we think we do, but we really don’t.

Repentance is the act of asking for forgiveness, being truly sorry, and making an effort to NOT DO IT AGAIN.  It is one thing to fall into temptation and sin, and another to habitually (knowingly) sin.  God will cover us with His grace if we become tempted back into sin, and it’s a heart issue.  If you are making a conscious effort not to sin, but make a mistake, then God will forgive you because your heart is right- you are trying to do better.  Habitual sin is another story.

Habitual sin is when you know what you are doing is wrong, and yet you do it anyway.  The real insult is when you knowingly sin, and then ask for forgiveness only to do the same thing over again.  There is no true repentance or desire to change, just sin.  Then your heart isn’t right, and you aren’t grasping why you shouldn’t be sinning in the first place.

EVEN worse yet, there are those who believe that they can sin all they want, ask for forgiveness, and their sin is forgotten.  They honestly believe that their sin is covered by grace!

Find out how people believe this myth and the deception involved in our next issue coming out December 28th.

Discover why grace is never an excuse for sin, and what habitual sin will do in your life.  Learn why you should “Sin No More!”

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