Life’s storms have the potential to grow your faith or grind it to a halt. Which direction will you go in?

It is difficult to determine the outcome when we are faced with various tests, trials, temptations, and crises. Some, we will breeze through while others have the potential to really take us out. At some point in our lives, we will all face a gut-wrenching issue that has us crying out to God on our knees. Some may draw closer to God thereby increasing their faith. Others will feel rejected and alone- feeling like their God has forsaken them. Or at the very least wondering why He has allowed this into their lives.

God hasn’t left… although it may feel like it.

Yes, it may feel like He is not there and ultimately lose their faith because in our minds if He truly were present, things would be more manageable. We would be able to endure, have peace, and things wouldn’t be so overwhelming. We feel like we are sinking with nothing to guide us back to safety.

But these are just feelings with no basis in scripture.

Why? Because God would not give you anything that you could not endure.

But it doesn’t mean that you go at it alone, and this is where we make our greatest mistakes. We assume that we can endure things on our own which translates into doing things on our own strength. What we quickly realize is that we burn out on our own because we were never meant to go at things alone. God created us for relationships- with Him. Are you inviting God into your situation? Have your asked Him for the solution?

God also created us for fellowship. Sometimes the answers to our questions are spoken through other believers. And even if they aren’t, our friends can lift us up and at least give us hope. By surrounding ourselves with godly people, our faith remains shored up, and not depleted. Our godly friends are in our lives for a reason, and often a season. Keeping things to ourselves only promotes loneliness, isolation, and depression which is not conclusive to happiness or joy in life.


Our November issue deals with common faith crises and how to overcome things when you feel like you’ve lost hope. It will teach you how to grow your faith and mature as a believer because sometimes what we are taught is only part of a greater message.

The fullness of context sometimes comes through experiences wherein we learn that we have part of a puzzle, but not the whole picture. As our faith grow, we develop a fullness of a situation, and that completeness is what ends up leading us in to victory.

But it takes awhile to get there.

If help is what you are crying out for, then this issue will unequivocally bless you. It will grow your faith and mature your walk.

Interviews include award-winning author, Del Duduit (First Down Devotions) and musician Paul Cardall (Peaceful Piano).

November 2019 can be found here.

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