Living in Habitual Sin Affects The Grace of God

Yes, there is an end to God’s grace.  While God is very patient, and very loving towards His children, He also judges by the heart.  He will bring areas that we need to change to our awareness.  Once we are aware, we are now responsible for initiating a change.  It is not to say that we must be perfect, as God extends grace to those who are sincerely trying.  However, He does want us to try with a sincerity in our hearts.

Too many believers deceive themselves into a grace-mercy lull, wherein they believe that they can continue in a lifestyle contrary to the Bible, ask for forgiveness, and be washed clean.  God will judge by your heart, and even though you are speaking forth forgiveness, you don’t mean it.  Your words are just lip-service.  In your heart, you aren’t apologetic for sin, nor are you fully seeing how destructive it is in your life.  You are walking in the flesh, and satisfying the flesh.  The only problem is, you won’t be satisfied for long.  There is no quenching the desires of the flesh- it just wants more and more.  Scripture says the wages of sin is death, and with death comes destruction.  It is there where we repent with a sincere heart, but we need to turn from the sin for good.  You can’t just repent, have everything restored, and go back to the sin.  You will just end up reaping the same destruction repeatedly.

It is especially difficult for a spouse to watch their husband/wife deal with habitual sin.  The destruction doesn’t just affect the sinner, but those around them- no matter what the sin is.  It’s especially difficult when the person does not want to change, or doesn’t see a need to change.  So what is a spouse to do?  Do you walk away, or take a break?  Is your marriage doomed to failure?

Marina Rojas has some words of encouragement for people who find themselves in this type of situation, and will guide you in how to involve God in your challenge- powerfully.  In God, all things are possible.  Marina will teach you how to give your spouse up to God, and you will be able to watch God perform the miraculous in their life.

Our November issue comes out October 26, 2017.

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