By Michelle C. Danko

Passivity about the state of our families and the world around us is easy to do, and requires little effort. It is easy to note what is going wrong, but what are we doing to fix it for the next generation? All is not lost to Satan. He was defeated by Jesus who died on the cross long ago. This doesn’t just apply to our lives, but to the lives of many in this world. What are we, as Christians, doing to take back what Satan has stolen in this world?
Satan has destroyed the family unit because he knows that if our families are strong, we are a spiritual force to be reckoned with. He has lied to God’s people by telling them that marriage isn’t for today, and that a “little piece of paper” means nothing. It means everything! It means that two people are becoming one with God at the center of their relationship, and entering into a sacred covenant. Everything is beautiful about a bond that runs so deep that it cannot be broken.
What has Satan created that we are so pleased with? Marriage is on a decline, and more people are just living together. This was never God’s purpose. He even said so in Genesis 2:24. Adam and Eve didn’t “live together”. They united and became one flesh! What have we really created?
I’m not here to condemn those who have chosen to live together, but just to note that in our efforts to do what is “comfortable” to our flesh, it has had serious ramifications. Most people choose to live together because they are afraid of what would happen if it doesn’t work out. The reality is that I think if you are married, there is a greater chance of staying together because there is a greater sense of commitment than a relationship that you can just walk out of at any time with little accountability- and most people do. The difference is, God enters into a marriage covenant. If one person leaves, He can reconcile that marriage and bring healing. God is involved in marriages, but where there is no covenant, how can God be involved?
Also, what are we doing to our children? Don’t we want better for them, and for them not to face the same battles that we have encountered? We need to show them what God’s design for marriage truly is so that they in turn will find it for themselves. Marriage isn’t about a happily ever after scenario, and that’s not what we are telling our kids. Marriage is about sacrificing our needs for someone else. It is about communication and compromise. It is about respect, and cherishing your spouse. It is about saying that we are doing life together, hand in hand, and side by side. No one is better than the other, but each part of the whole compliments each other. That is the beauty of marriage.
Adam and Eve were not what we would define as “soul mates”. Most of us define a soul mate as someone who is so similar to us that there is complete understanding and intimacy. Yet in order to have that completeness that we desire, two halves of a God whole need to come together, and they are often opposite in many areas, but complimentary. That is why you need God involved in courting situations.
Married couples are opposites in many ways, but it is not a bad thing because it is designed to be complimentary. When couples work together in harmony, even areas where one is weak in, the two become strong in. A united couple does damage to Satan’s kingdom, and he knows it. How do you attack a covenant (wherein two are one) that is as strong as this?
The benefits to children are many. United parents create security and a strong identity in children. Children soon learn that they cannot get in between parents when they are united. It is not to say that parents should not disagree, but they work together to reach a resolution. Resolutions should not be a win-loose, but whenever possible a win-win. With a win-win, there is compromise and understanding. You are giving your children the skills for a successful marriage and also teaching them which people may bring pain into their lives. We need to realize that we set the example to our children of what a godly marriage should look like. Godly marriages should personify joy, peace, and mutual love and respect for one another. They should be strong for the Lord.
Why does Satan hate marriages? A strong marriage means that a family can do damage to Satan’s kingdom. Marriage is our first area of ministry, but our most neglected. Work and providing often replace true intimacy, and too often we just become complacent. However, if our marriages are strong at home and everyone is happy, it translates into successful work. Just think about how productive you are when you are happy and so is everyone around you. God will bless you for investing in your marriage. He gave you a spouse for a purpose, and the two of you need to work together.
When couples are united in marriage, you can pray over your spouse and God will act to strengthen that union. Often, one spouse will receive something from the Lord that will greatly benefit the household. Never underestimate what the Lord can do in marriage. If there are issues, bring it to the Lord for Him to deal with. It saves you the frustration, sinning, and God is protective of His sons and daughters… if the other person is indeed wrong. Be prepared, though, for God to deal with you too!
When our “families” are weakened, we see what we have right now. High divorce rates because Satan deceitfully whispers in our ears, “You’re not in love anymore. They’ve changed.” He may tell us to just give up, and convinces us that we would be happier elsewhere. However, what Satan doesn’t say is that if we don’t deal with our “stuff”, our lives will never change, and what we didn’t like in marriage number one will end up repeating in marriage two, three, etc. How many times can the same thing happen before we realize that maybe it’s not “them”, it’s us?
In Satan, we see brokenness over our lives because of the baggage we are carrying from past failed relationships. Our baggage weighs us down, and can feel insurmountable if healing doesn’t take place.
We determine who is going to win this battle for us, and for future generations. Are you going to let Satan steal what God has created to bring you joy? Are you going to let fear turn you away from a relationship that was designed to be great beyond what you could have ever imagined possible? We need to believe that God has someone for us, if we are single. God never designed for us to live together, but to have a covenant together. Don’t believe the lies that marriage is just a slip of paper, or that if it doesn’t work out, you can just “walk away”. A break up is always painful, whether living together or in marriage, so you may as well become one. At least then you have God in the center of it, and He can deal with things on your behalf. We cannot let Satan steal our marriages or compromise our values for that of the world whose mantra is “if it feels good, do it”. Where has that gotten anyone except for into trouble in some way, shape or form. Just look around and see where that perception has gotten us. If it were Godly, we would all be happy. However, if you know your scripture, you would also know that the fruit of the spirit involves self-control, perseverance, and self-discipline.

Just another lie of the enemy … crushed.