“A Cord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken” Ecclesiastes 4:12

With Or Without God: How Strong Is Your Strand?

Is God at the centre of your marriage?  Is there harmony?  It’s easy to say yes, but what is the reality?  Too many other things in life jockey for God’s position in our daily life, and can easily over-take our time spent with Him if we let them.  The tell-tale sign of God not being at the centre of your marriage is if you spend more time complaining about your spouse to your spouse than taking it up with God first.  How different would our marriages be if we took our discontent to God first and let Him work in the life of our spouse as opposed to nagging our spouse to change or expressing our discontent!  There would be harmony!

When we take our discontentment to God, one of two things can happen: either God works on us (it can be a heart issue), or He begins to work on the other person.  Never underestimate God… while it may appear there is no change, He could very well be speaking to the person.  Even if they ignore or don’t follow through with God’s instructions, as most of us know, God’s voice does become louder.  He knows how to get our attention!  The most wonderful part about it is that they will never hear us complain.  We get to watch them grow when we pray scripture into their lives all the while knowing that it’s God at work.  Harmony and peace are maintained as we allow God to work in our spouse.  And in some cases, into us!

“A continual dripping on a very rainy day And a contentious woman are alike; Whoever restrains her restrains the wind, And grasps oil with his right hand.” Proverbs 27:15-16
Harmony, God, Marriage, argueWhile it may seem humorous, constant complaining from your spouse is irritating, defeating, and destructive.  It isn’t to say that we never voice what bothers us to our spouse, but it should never be done with harshness in our voice.  It is never received well, and leaves the other person feeling bad about themselves.  No matter how great the frustration, our intent should never be to make the other person feel defeated.  We should always seek to elevate them, strengthen them, and encourage them.  When we complain, we do the opposite of this, and our marriages suffer as a result.  Eventually, the distance grows and harmony/peace is replaced by bitterness.

How Do We Invite God In?

Janice Broyles discusses the significance of placing God at the centre of our marriage, and how it strengthens it.  God will guide our paths and teach us how to effectively communicate with the other person.  After all, He created your spouse, and knows them better than you do!  Who better than to ask for advice?
Additionally, Janice will reveal what a marriage looks like with God at the centre, how it can be attained, and how to tell if you are off a degree in this area.  She will help strengthen your marriage with results that you will observe over time.  The best part is, that you won’t have to nag or complain- just talk to God, and let Him do the work.  Allow Him to guide your steps instead of taking things head-on.  It will result in peace in your marriage, and harmony in your home.
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Can’t wait to hear the testimonies of harmony in marriages in progress!

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