Has your life become a party- a pity-party- for one? Has negativity become the norm? It’s easy to tend to flow towards negative thinking. Harder is to take your eyes off of yourself and praise the Lord.

Think about it: How long does it take you to find ten things that you don’t like about yourself? What about 40 positive?

“Now, that’s not fair!!” you exclaim. “The positives are four times more than the negatives!”

And you would be correct. Nevertheless, the math is still accurate. Did you know that it takes four positives to erase one negative? That’s a whole lot of positive self-talk. Do we do that daily? Probably not. Sadly, we probably don’t even come close.

No wonder we are depressed, battle with self-image, self esteem, etc. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to negativity. And it’s not limited to what we don’t like about ourselves. It can be our own comparisons to others, sadness for how life/people have wronged us, that our life never turned out the way we wanted it to, the ending of a bad relationship, and the list goes on.

The Reality Of negativity


The misnomer for many is that life as a Christian should be easy. Yet no one EVER said that. In fact, Jesus tells us quite the opposite. He told his disciples that they will be persecuted for His sake… And to count it all joy! Furthermore, He told them that they would face trials in life. He specifically said that their faith would be tested… And the first to have his faith tested was Peter! This was just before Jesus died, too.

Name me one person in the Bible who didn’t face trials, temptation, hardship, being lied to, treated wrongly, etc. Or their own form of negativity, for that matter. The Bible is littered with testimonies of trials of some of the most righteous people you can imagine. If they had to go through it, what makes you think that you won’t have to as well? We are not immune to hardships just because we are Christian. All being a Christian does is assures us of hope in victory in Jesus.

So even though we may go through trials, temptations and the like, as long as we maintain our faith and our relationship with God, we will be just fine.

Kerry Guerry discusses how we can take our focus off of the negativity in our lives and concentrate on God’s goodness. If the pit of despair is no longer comfortable, and you are yearning for a way out, Kerry will teach you how to praise yourself happy!

It is when we focus on Him that everything changes around us. Are you ready to take that step?

This feature and more coming out in our March 2021 issue being released on February 26, 2021.

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