Have You Fallen for a Fallacy in Life?

It’s easy to do. There are simply things that we believe in life that have no bearing on reality. As silly as they may appear when we really give them serious thought, they do shape how we view the world around us and what we strive for.

For example, growing up, girls love to watch shows about Prince Charming coming to rescue that fair maiden being oppressed by mean, abusive family members. With the aid of a Fairy Godmother, she overcomes all adversity and they live happily ever after.

As they mature into teens, the scene changes from that boy they are crushing on eventually notices their beauty and they begin a relationship. The portrait is of a couple that is just meant to be. They are the perfect couple and belong together forever. The woman always overcomes adversity and triumphs over all struggles in her way to win his heart.

As teens mature into adulthood, the scenario doesn’t change. The only difference is in the application. When we begin dating, we search endlessly for that special someone with a feeling that we will just know when they have arrived. Some people call it finding their soulmate, while Christians refer to it as help meet. This is the one you are meant to be with.

After perhaps a whirlwind courtship, they propose and we happily agree. He is our Prince Charming and he is about to whisk us off into a lifetime of happiness. The only problem is the fight that inevitably occurs after the honeymoon when the reality of combining two households takes place. It is in the shifting from the “me to we” that enchanting fantasies fade.

We learn that marriage isn’t a happily ever after scenario- marriage is a lifetime of hard work. Some end up feeling disillusioned because life isn’t as simple as they thought. Others think that they made a mistake and things end in divorce. Some may stay, but out of commitment with the feeling that they made the biggest mistake of their life. However, did they?

No, they just believed a fallacy. The truth about marriage is that it takes commitment and selfless dedication to make it work. Life doesn’t end happily ever after. Marriages go through seasons, and with every season a couple will experience changes. If they are committed, they will grow closer together. Adversity will strengthen their relationship. If their foundation is weak, or they are inflexible, life can tear a beautiful union apart.

What is the Point of believing a fallacy?

The point is that you believed a fallacy that marriage is perfect wedded bliss. Life begins at the marriage ceremony and ends with a lifetime of compromise. If you enter into it believing that you will never argue, you will quickly be disappointed.

It is like this with any fallacy we fall prey to. In our October 2021 issue, we discuss common fallacies that we have fallen prey to and we uncover the biblical truth to them. We draw you closer to reality and help you heal from misconceptions that may be clouding areas of your life.

This issue will help set you free from the chains that bind you. It will help you clarify any areas of disappointment in your life, and turn your heart back to where God wants you to be. The result will promote healing, and set you free from things that just don’t work in life.

The results will be good, I promise!

Our next issue comes out on September 26, 2021.

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