The America Stroke Association Indicates Married Men Are 2/3 Less Likely To Have A Stroke Than Single Men!

February 7-14 has been named National Marriage Week. Experts are saying that we need a time to celebrate marriage because the institution itself is in jeopardy.

In 1970, 78% of adults were married. Now the statistics indicate that it’s about 48%- or less than half.

Michael McManus, the head of Marriage Savers, remarked, “The number of people getting married has dropped like a rock. The number of never married Americans has grown almost five-fold since 1970.”

Does Marriage Indeed Add Years To Your Life? What About Health?

McManus informed CBN News that it’s too bad that staying single is seen as harmful to your health. He further elaborated by saying that married couples live two to ten years longer than single people. It is a significant difference!

The American Stroke Association echoes the benefits of marriage citing that 2/3 of men are less likely to have a stroke.

Additionally, married cancer patients see a more positive recovery from cancer surgery. McManus claims that they are 2/3 less likely to have a heart attack following the operation.

There are not just physical benefits to marriage, but mental ones as well. Married couples are cited to report less cases of depression, they sleep better, and wives increase their chances of receiving a good night’s sleep by ten percent.

Married Couples Are Less Likely To Engage in Risky Behaviour

“Married couples are less likely to engage in risky behaviour, like driving fast or drinking to excess,” McManus claims.

He further explains that couples feel a responsibility to remain alive and unharmed for their family.

Studies have concluded that the divorce rate rose to almost half beginning around 1975. Those who co-habitate before marriage are twice as likely to see the partnership dissolve.

How Do You Stay Happily Married?


McManus recommends pre-marital counselling and pre-marital inventory. For those who are already married, he recommends finding an older couple who can mentor you.

His church implemented this in the 1990’s with 288 couples.

“Ninety percent are still married today,” McManus said. “My wife and I have mentored 61 couples over time. We only know of one divorce among them.”

Researches have known that marriage has benefits for both society and for children growing up with a mother and father in an intact home. Spouses now have the added benefit of knowing that marriage is better for their overall health, and it increases longevity.

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  1. claire o'sullivan on February 21, 2019 at 5:06 am

    excellent post! although many married men will say… hmm… however both men and women, married, can make an effective ministry better, and as you note, healthier!

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