Turn up the Romance in Your Marriage!

Is the sizzling spark in your marriage become more of a low flame?  What do you do to ignite the passion that you once felt for each other?

The unfortunate reality is that today, with our busy, hectic schedules, couples fail to schedule time for each other.  We are too busy shuttling our children from one activity to another to spend any real time with our spouse, and often when we do come home, we are too exhausted from the day’s activities to engage in any meaningful conversation.  We end up drifting further away from the one we love, end up looking at them as a stranger, and quietly wonder what happened.

Married couples shouldn’t drift further apart, but closer together over the years, and that comes with investing time with each other.  We need time to reconnect with our spouses and talk… without the kids!

Children are blessings, but they will eventually leave the nest.  Marriage is forever and needs to last forever, but it won’t if we neglect each other.

Children thrive in an environment where parents love each other and spend time together.  Even though they may make gagging noises at mom and dad kissing in the kitchen, the warmth of a loving relationship gives them a sense of security.  They need to know mom and dad love each other, and it sets them up for success in their own marriages.

So how do you turn up the heat in your own marriage?  How can a couple in the midst of children, work and home carve out time to spend one on one with each other?

Our next issue is full of useful tips and techniques to put that flame back in your marriage!  Next issue is coming out on February 26th.

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