Album: Here I Am Send Me

Artist: Darlene Zschech


Darlene Zschech is back! Here I Am Send Me is Darlene’s first new album since her cancer diagnosis in 2014. This gifted singer, songwriter, and worship leader declares victory in God’s greatness throughout this 11-song album that was recorded live at Hope Unlimited Church in Australia. Guest writers include Paul Baloche, Jenn Johnson, Leeland Mooring, and Martin Smith. Smith co-wrote the opening track, “You Are Great,” a song that was created a week into Darlene’s cancer treatment—her response to her diagnosis. “That’s where it started,” she says. In the midst of the fire, it doesn’t change who our God is.”


Album Songs

 You Are Great: This lyrical opening song is both delicate and powerful—a remarkable testimony of victory that rests in an unchanging Christ. An offering of wonder and praise, this song speaks to a sacred peace that comes with surrender.

You Will Be Praised: Strong vocals and percussions speak with confident clarity of God’s constant presence and strength, while the chorus declares a praise that persists through all circumstances.

Daylight: Begins with a gentle hope present in nuanced piano and strings and rises to a crescendo of voices that invite praise. Celebrates the Creator’s love, protection, and nearness.

Kingdom Come: With instrumental anticipation and a vocal prayer, this song resonates like a traditional hymn, and the beginning is reminiscent of a carol. Has an angelic choir quality with the chorus ringing out verses from the Lord’s prayer.

First Love: Upbeat, light and catchy. Invites celebration, rising up from the freedom that comes from knowing Christ and experiencing Him as our first true love that never fails.

Love and Wonder: Very short, melodic song that speaks to how God draws us to Him: the very same One who calms the ocean guides our footsteps.

Your Eyes: Soulful and flowing. My favorite song on the album because of the personal nature of the lyrics, use of scripture, and unique style of the music. Reminds us that we exist because of Him and for Him.

Emmanuel: Begins with a beautiful piano accompaniment as the words speak of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary and God’s grace and forgiveness. Wraps us in comfort as it reminds us of God’s unending love and constant presence during our times of darkness, suffering, and sadness.

Beloved (When I Survey): Speaks to the powerful moments in the life of Christ as witnessed by the believer and then—the believer’s response in taking up the cross and following, trusting, and waiting. Leeland Mooring takes the lead on vocals and Darlene closes out with a traditional rendition of “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.”

Here I Am Send Me: Instrumentals take a backseat as the vocals look to the time when every heart will worship God and recognize Him as King. This song speaks to the power of the Holy Spirit enabling us to do the will of God and surrender our lives to Him.

Go: Rousing finale to the album, proclaiming “We will go, into all the world we go.” With equal weight on vocals and instrumentals, this final song is an energetic culmination of God’s promises and how they empower us to move into the world and share His redemption message.


Positives Above all else, Darlene’s album is rooted in biblical, prayerful reflection and praise. Each song is weighted in scripture, and the album’s theme is a relentless faith spoken through lyrics that echo the truths of God’s word: its strength is in the lyrics. Uplifting and powerful, this album will resonate strongly with anyone who has walked victoriously through the trials of this world by standing on and proclaiming God’s promises.


Negatives The album contains similar strains and many of the songs reflect typical styles of praise and worship. Some of the lyrical and instrumental repetition is a bit over the top.



You can see Darlene’s heart and triumph throughout Here I Am Send Me, but most of all—you will sense the heart, power, and presence of God on an album that trumpets His faithfulness and beckons us into worship.

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