Thousands of people hear the news each year through prenatal testing, that their child has been identified as having Down Syndrome.  In some countries, they are given the opportunity to either carry the baby to full term or abort.  Unfortunately, 90% of diagnosed cases in the United States choose to abort.  Additionally, in countries such as Iceland and Denmark, 100% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted as they strive to eradicate it from the population.

Does the reality repulse you?  It should!

There are many misperceptions surrounding Down Syndrome, and many people are misinformed about the outcome.  They only know the negativity surrounding it, and there are many misconceptions surrounding the initial diagnosis and the future of a child who indeed has Down Syndrome.

Lauren Bell goes through the misconceptions surrounding Down Syndrome in our May issue and gives you insight into what is going on in other countries in their view of Down Syndrome.  Included is a powerful testimony that will give you hope if you are facing this challenge in your pregnancy, and it will give you peace.

This article will encourage you, and strengthen your faith.  It is also incredibly educational as it challenges our perceptions about a child’s quality of life who has this disability.

Our May issue is released on our website on April 26th, 2017.

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