Higher Vision Worship was birthed out of Higher Vision Church located in Los Angeles.  The church itself is almost packed with 3,000 diverse followers- all focused on Christ.

Higher Vision Worship released their debut album, “For Your Kingdom”, on October 6, 2017, with the purpose of worshiping and focusing solely on Christ.

“When we design worship experiences at Higher Vision, with every light that moves and every video, our focus is on Christ,” explains Higher Vision’s Sean Loche (formerly of Worth Dying For) who produced the album. “And we’re always asking, ‘How are people engaging? How do we help people feel safe and loved in the power and presence of God?’ We try be a place for people to ‘jump in the pool.’ Sometimes they want to jump full-on in — and sometimes they just want to get their toes wet.”

Interestingly, the church’s vision was directly applied to each song on the album.

“The album feels like a miracle,” says worship pastor April Ashburn. “It feels like there’s something for almost everyone. Different styles and yet a well-rounded whole.”

Songs on the album are meant to tug at the believer’s heart, and others to impact the listener at a deeper level drawing them closer to God.

The songs aren’t all praise and worship.  “Trust in You” and “Freedom of Your Love” add more of a dance flavour to the mix that listeners will appreciate.


It is the group’s desire for the album to be an experience that a listener can carry with them throughout their day, and as a touchpoint for evangelizing.

“There’s just so much darkness going on in the world,” says Loche. “Every day you read the worst, most horrific news you can imagine. We want to just be a blip of good, a blip of light in a dark world, to atheists and to Christians.”

Faith Filled Family was privileged to interview April Ashburn, who is the worship pastor.  She gave us insight into Higher Vision Worship, and their heart for truly worshiping the Lord.  She also discussed how their church makes God the central focus of each church gathering, and how people come to experience Christ.

Higher Vision Worship is our Music Spotlight this month.  It can be read in our January 2018 issue being released on Wednesday, December 26, 2017.

For more information, visit www.highervisionworship.com.

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