The Question: Does This Series Stay True To The Scripture, Culture, And Time Line of Jesus?

Beginning March 25, 2019, History Channel will reveal an eight-part event entitled, “Jesus: His Life”. The new docu-drama explores the story of Christ through the eyes of the people that were closest to Him: Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary Mother of Jesus, Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene, and Peter.

Each of the eight chapters is recounted from the perspective of these eight important figures whom play a pivotal role in Jesus’ life. It illustrates how they would have reacted to Christ, their thoughts, and their actions.

Each figure guides viewers through the very emotional and powerful story of the Messiah from birth to death, to resurrection. All of this is portrayed through scripted drama and interviews with prominent religious and historical leaders.

By utilizing some of the most respected Biblical scholars, historians, faith leaders, and theologians, the series combines the Gospels, historical sources, and culture to create an intimate and complete portrayal of who He truly was.

“Jesus: His Life” takes viewers on a journey through a very complex world of kings, politicians, reformers, and soldiers during a time period of intense power struggles, and revolutionary change. Each episode beginning on March 25 at 8pm ET will premiere two back-to-back episodes with the finale just before Easter.

“Jesus: His Life” brings together some of the world’s top scholars, historians and faith leaders from diverse ideological and theological perspectives to tell the story of Jesus in a new way,” said Mary Donahue, SVP, Programming and Development for HISTORY. “Viewers will see and experience the life of Jesus as never before, through this powerful and thought-provoking portrait of a man who is one of the most influential people in human history.”

In addition to the dramatic re-enactment of Christ’s life, “Jesus: His Life” also interviews a diverse group of scholars, faith leaders, and faith leaders such as Joel Osteen (Senior Pastor, Lakewood Church), Robert Cargill (Assistant Professor of Judaism, Christianity and Classics, University of Iowa, on location expert for many National Geographic and History Documentaries), Joshua DuBois (Author/CEO, Values Partnerships and Head of White House Office of Faith-based and Neighbourhood Partnerships under President Obama), and many more.

The Answer To The Scriptural Accuracy?

We have some inside info from Dr. Robert Cargill on the series, “Jesus: His Life”. Robert is an Assistant Professor of Judaism, Christianity and Classics at the University of Iowa. He’s the editor of the magazine, “Biblical Archaeology Review, and has led six archaeological digs in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Faith Filled Family Magazine interviewed Dr. Robert Cargill, and he was not only able to provide more information about this fascinating series, but also answer some of the “tough” questions that we know our readers want to know about the series.

Is it scripturally accurate? The answer is yes. However, the depth and breadth that has gone into making this docu-drama will astound you. It will truly give you a look into Jesus’ life as never before. And to discover the depths and measures that were undertaken to produce this series, you will just have to read it in our interview with Dr. Robert Cargill!

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