Not Knowing Scripture Shouldn’t Hold You Back

Many believers are hesitant to share the gospel with others for fear that they don’t know scripture well enough yet.  Some know scripture, but not the verses, while others may have an understanding of scripture, but not be able to quote it just yet.  These reasons, however, shouldn’t hold us back from sharing our testimony, praying over someone, or sharing the gospel with others.

Christians often find sharing the gospel to be an intimidating task, and if they aren’t fluent in scripture, they often feel ill-equipped and hesitate to offer assistance or prayers to those who need it.  God never wanted His children to shy away or avoid telling others about Him, so He gave us the Holy Spirit as our helper.

The Holy Spirit will guide Christians in what they should say to minister to others, and often will give you scripture that you didn’t even think that you knew.  All of a sudden, scripture will just come to you, and it will make a difference in someone’s life.

Learn more about ministering to others while growing in the gospel and how to pray over people when you aren’t fluent in scripture yet in our next issue coming out January 26th.


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