Confused About How The Holy Spirit Moves?

In the past, there has been some confusion as to what happens when the Holy Spirit takes over.  Is what we are witnessing spirit-led, “group mentality”, or demonic?  This needs to be the question that we ask ourselves when we see what appears to be strange behaviour in a church setting.

Many churches have reported barking, vomiting, and other strange behaviour that they attribute to the Holy Spirit moving.  As believer, we need to consult our Bibles as to what a move of the Holy Spirit looks like, and what happened to believers of that day in order to see what occurs when the Holy Spirit is in operation.  It should also be noted that while many fall into a yes/no category, there are some that are under debate scripturally.

Holy SpiritJanice Broyles will discuss what happens biblically when the Holy Spirit takes over.  She will also discuss how you can discern whether it is the Holy Spirit and His presence, or yourself.  This article will shed some light- very specifically- on what is of the Spirit, demonic, and what is suggestion.  In this post, I will go over those in that “gray area” which come up for debate.

  1. Slain in the Spirit.  Some say that being slain in the Spirit is an occurrence citing incidences of Paul on the road to Damascus, and people falling on their faces when in the presence of God.  Some reference Revelation as well.  Others argue that the Holy Spirit doesn’t operate this way, and refer to this as demonic.
  2. Drunk in the Spirit. Drunk in the Spirit references laughing while in the presence of the Holy Spirit- almost appearing as if you were “drunk”- but you are not.  Some churches point to Acts as evidence of being drunk in the Spirit while others cite that the Bible continually references drunkenness as evil.
  3. Soaking in the Spirit.  Soaking in the Spirit is just being at total peace in the presence of the Lord.  It is almost basking and relaxing in His presence.  Some say it is a supernatural experience believers feel when they are truly connected with God.  Many have actively sought out and practice the experience.  Others feel uneasy about the experience– most citing that it opens up a door to the demonic as instructions can include “quieting and freeing your mind”.

The arguments can be viewed as plausible on either side, but if you want to know the truth about these three supernatural phenomenons, it is best to consult both God, and the Bible for answers.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you on these matters before engaging in them.

For everything else, Janice has all the info you can ever want to know about discerning how the Holy Spirit operates, and what it does and does not do when under its anointing.

Our April issue is released on March 26, 2018, and is on The Resurrection of Christ.

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