Hope. It is something that this world desperately needs. Hope is what we cling to in desperation. It is the activation of our faith. Hope should never die because without it, our faith struggles.

It’s is difficult to maintain hope in the midst of so much chaos. Over a year ago, many of us just found employment, or were happily employed. Then a virus came and changed our reality. Did it affect your hope?

For many people, their faith remained strong- at first. “It’s only temporary,” people told themselves. “It will pass. It’s not that serious.”

A year later we have seen countless deaths, unemployment rates go up, sickness, strife, and division. This has all been in almost a year!

One year later…

Not only have we seen a virus change our entire lifestyle, but we’ve witnessed an election divide a country. We have seen strife, anger, and blaming. Sweeping changes have been made in the span of months. They affect Christianity as we know it. Are our biblical standards, or even the faith that most countries were built on evaporating? It appears to be with every pen stroke.

Voices can be heard in the streets crying out that their rights are being violated. Yet, in an all or nothing society, it has quickly become rights for some, and oppression for others in attempting to “fix previous wrongs”. Our rights can often become exclusive, not inclusive. The balance of power is shifting, not equalizing.

Has your hope dwindled? Is it decreasing due to your own circumstances? Maybe it is because of all of the negativity surrounding us. You can see it in many people’s faces. It hangs heavily in the air like a dark, black cloud. So how to we regain our optimism once again for a bright future?

Our May edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine will touch on issues that affect our faith. We will discuss the following issues:

  • How to overcome feelings of defeat.
  • Overcoming fear of failure.
  • Unanswered prayer.
  • What to do if you have lost hope.
  • Doubting God’s vision
  • Overcoming a mid-life crisis.
  • Avoiding negative thoughts.
  • Any many more!

Don’t allow Satan to steal your joy! God can change things in an instant!

Our next issue comes out on April 26, 2021!

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