Kids can be very literal… How Can God be a rock helps them to understand Idioms in the bible

Ever had a child take what you said literally when you were speaking figuratively? Even though it can be endearing and amusing, we often fail to take note that their vocabulary is still developing. This can be what it’s like when they have the Bible read to them. There are many figures of speech and idioms that are used that adults understand, but may paint a different picture for a young child.

How Can God Be A Rock? was written by Dr. Janielle Nordell MD and was written with young kids in mind. It takes a common scripture that kids can relate to and takes it down to their level of understanding. It “decodes” some of the figurative messages in the Bible making it easier for kids to both relate, and understand.

How is this book different?

How Can God Be A Rock

For example, on page 15 of the book, it lists Psalm 128:1, “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways!”

A young child hearing this for the first time may envision being blessed which is good and contrasting it with fear- which is bad. They may not be able to make the connection between fearing someone that they should love, and who loves them. It seems like a contradiction in terms.

Also, if they are to fear the Lord, then what does that mean? In a child’s mind, it may be running away being fearful of some punishment or something bad happening.

Then to hear the phrase, “walk in His ways” may be confusing. How can we walk in God’s ways? Do we go down a certain path that leads to Him? Where is it? You get the point.

How Can God Be A Rock? gives the scripture, and takes it down to a child’s level in terms of thinking. What would a child be thinking in this situation? Then, it gives the child the scriptural meaning so that they can understand.

“Should we be afraid of God? No way!! Sometimes the word “fear” means to respect, or to be amazed by something. When we respect God, we want to do what He tells us to do.”

(How Can God Be A Rock?, Dr. Janielle Nordell, pg 15)

How Can God Be A Rock? was not only useful for young children who may not comprehend figures of speech but also useful for children on the autism spectrum.

How Can God Be A Rock? goes through and explains nine common scriptures found in the Bible and teaches the children what it means on their level. Additionally, it helps them learn how to apply it to their lives so that they not only hear the Word but can put it into action.

The illustrations are bright and colorful. Children will be drawn to the vivid pictures, and the words are so easy to understand. It’s written in a very interactive way to engage children right from the start. It is a beautiful way to engage your young children with the Bible.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please visit WestBow Press here.

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