How many of us have heard the phrase, “But it won’t happen to me!” coming from our child’s lips?  This pretty much sums up a teenager’s belief system- that nothing bad will happen to them.  They repeatedly tell you that they can handle themselves on social media, that it’s just their friends, and it’s harmless.  However, we need to ask ourselves as parents, who may be preying on our children?

social mediaWith the anonymity of social media, it’s easy to be just about anyone.  With the inexperience of youth, many children are entering into conversations that may not be godly, being exposed to images/conversations they shouldn’t, and potentially forming relationships with people they should not be with.  The lure is that their parents won’t know, which becomes a temptation.  So how can we make sure they don’t become tempted?

As parents, how do we get our point across to our kids that social media isn’t always a friendly place to be?  We know that there are predators masking as children their own age, and because social media allows for anonymity, the question becomes: how do we protect them?   Moreover, how do we teach our children what healthy usage looks like and make sure that they know the importance of our instructions?  How can we prevent them from falling prey to predators masking as regular teens?  How do we prevent them from the pain of cyberbullying before it’s too late?

Deanne Williams discusses how to regulate your children’s social media activity and how to teach them who/what to avoid.  She talks about the common lures of social media in terms of reaching our children which include the potential for pornographic images, and how to protect your kids from seeing things that they shouldn’t.  Deanne is quite skilled at helping navigate parents through monitoring their children’s internet and social media activities.  She will leave no loophole open!

This article and more “how do I” tips can be found in our upcoming August issue which is being released on July 26, 2018.

ASIDE: In our June issue, Covenant Eyes did an excellent piece on children and the internet.  It was an expose on what parents may not be aware of what their child is doing while on the internet, and how kids are able to erase/conceal where they have been.  It can be found in our back issues section of the website.  This may be helpful information for parents to have, and provide a useful tool for combatting social media/website misuse.


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