Whether we want to admit it or not, obesity is on the rise in both adults, as well as children.  We live in a very fast-paced society, and often “instant” or quick meals become a substitute for proper nutrition.  It’s easier between activities to grab a quick bite at McDonalds rather than plan a nutritious meal or snack.

nutritionWith parents busy schedules, sometimes it just feels easier to put processed foods in our children’s lunchboxes because it’s convenient, readily available, and doesn’t require planning.  Worse yet is that many parents want to give their children a healthy meal– but can’t afford it because of rising food costs and low wages.  However, with processed foods on the rise, our children are suffering for it- with their health.  Childhood obesity is at an all-time high along with all of the problems associated with it which include diabetes.  Our children are not getting the nutrition they deserve, nor are they experiencing the effects of proper nutrition.

If you look at the lack of proper nutrition, you can pinpoint many issues to this cause.  Is it that our children can’t concentrate properly because they have ADHD, or is it because their diet contains too much sugar, or not enough vitamins conducive to being able to properly focus.  Also, with all of the late nights involved in sports (good thing) and extracurricular activities, these types of things take their toll on our kids.  Lack of sleep has been linked to poor ability to concentrate, lack of focus (which is attributed to poor performance/grades), obesity and health issues.  Children need proper rest in order for their bodies to heal themselves, and the brain needs rest in order to be properly focused.  In our efforts to give our children the best, are we instead giving them the worst?

Shauna Gallagher tackles the question of how to teach your children that nutrition is important, and how parents can combat childhood obesity.  She also discusses what to do in the case where the child may be a picky eater, or only want junk food.  She will stress the importance of healthy eating and living in an effort to show how we can give our children the best for them- in all areas.

We urge you to take the challenge and incorporate more nutrition into your child’s meals.  We are confident that many changes in nutrition will allow your children to be more focused, and help some of them to better thrive scholastically.

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