Some people answer, “priorities“.  While it may be correct to some degree, it isn’t the answer to the issue.  It assumes that the parent is pursuing something else such as work- or is too self-involved- to spend adequate time with their children.  Children, in this case, are more of an afterthought, and are often neglected in a sense.  There are indeed legitimately busy schedules, and parents who do yearn to spend with with their family.

busy scheduleThis question assumes that the parent wants to spend time with their children.  However, due having to work (not deciding to work) to long hours, they don’t get to spend as much time with their kids.  In their busy schedule, they feel as if time is quickly slipping away.  Their children are growing up faster than we want them to, and it feels as if there isn’t enough time in the day.  This parents spends time with their children, but it doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  In this case, there is a desire to connect with the child, and a regret to activities that remove them from the family.

The difference between the two circumstances is the heart- one doesn’t really want the responsibility of parenting, or isn’t actively engaged, and the other has a desire to be with the family, but due to circumstances beyond their control (such as debt), they need to put in hours.  One is focused on self, while the other isn’t.

Shanta Chester will discuss how to spending meaningful time with your children.  She will help you to find the time in your busy schedule to engage with your child.  And although it may not be a long time spend together, it will be quality time spent together that you child will look back fondly on.  Additionally, Shanta will discuss how to engage a child who would rather spend time with their friends over a relationship with their parents.  She will teach you how to be understanding towards your child, but still have that meaningful relationship that you desire.

Often it is the parents that feel guilty due to a busy schedule.  We feel as if we are missing out by not spending as much time with our kids as we want.  I want to assure you, parents, that oftentimes, quality time- even if it’s brief- can mean more than anything.  These are the times that we tend to remember.  Not the length of time spent.  Most kids understand- to a degree.

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