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The Buttercream Gang is a very heartwarming, family friendly movie aimed at tweens or early teenagers.

The movie opens with a scene of Pete leaving for Chicago.  All of his friends look sad, except for Scott, who looks apprehensive.  Scott is now names the President of the Buttercream gang which is a group of boys who are responsible for helping others in the community when they are in need.  After a round of hugs good-bye, Pete boards the bus for Chicago and begins to reminisce about events which happened a few years ago.

The movie continues with Scott writing letters to his friend Pete in Chicago.  Pete recently moved to Chicago to live with his aunt and cousins after the death of both of his parents.  In the letters, Pete says that he is doing very well in school, but is admittedly lonely as he has yet to make friends.  After awhile, Pete’s letters become less frequent as he begins to make new friends, but unfortunately the wrong “type” of friends.

Pete soon falls in with a gang, and is lead down the wrong path.  He gets arrested, his grades slip, and he eventually gets expelled from school.  His aunt, in desperation, sends Pete back home to his grandfather as her own children are beginning to want to emulate Pete’s new lifestyle.

Pete’s old friends are delighted to hear of his return!  He meets up with Scott again, only this time, Scott senses there is something different about Pete.  The boys go to the grocery store, and Scott notices that Pete was shoplifting.  Pete begins to drift away from Scott and the other members of the Buttercream Gang, and begins to form his own gang which reeks havoc on the entire community.  Pete’s gang steals, fights, terrorizes people, and Pete even goes as far as to conspire to steal from his grandfather with an accomplice at gunpoint.  They are the total opposite to the Buttercream gang, and soon the boys find themselves in total opposition.

Scott is unaware of what to do in this situation, and seeks advice from his parents, and his baseball coach who quotes Ghandi “An eye for an eye just leaves the whole world blind.”.  Scott, along with the rest of the community in an effort to help Pete, begin to practice unconditional love.  They love on Pete, even though his actions are not lovable, nor are they Christ-like.

Watch this movie to discover which side of the fence Pete will end up on.  The ending will surprise you!

The movie was very engaging, and had my attention from beginning to end.  It is not very graphic in comparison to other movies that have depicted gang activity, but as a parent I appreciated that gang life was not glorified, but rather it was the love of Christ.  The movie was an honest depiction of what someone who is trying to love someone who mistreats them and others would go through.  You see the struggle on the characters faces.  The movie is made to be realistic, and opens up an excellent opportunity to discuss this issue with your children.

I would rate this movie a 9/10 as the beginning was a little confusing at first trying to sort out the characters and the background.  The content however, was outstanding and believable without being sensationalized.

Many thanks to Debi Nelson at familytv.com for sending us this movie for review!

This movie can be purchased at www.familytv.com for $19.95 U.S.


Parents Should Be Aware of:


Violence- couple of scenes with robberies, firecrackers being maliciously set off, bullying behavior.

Theft- scene with shoplifting, theft is mentioned quite a bit with reference to gang life.

Dating- Scott takes Margaret to a dance.  There is close contact slow dancing.  She also gives him a harmless kiss on the cheek.[/column]

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Release Date: January 01, 1970

Starring: Jason JohnsonMichael D. WheatheredBrandon BlaserJason Glenn,Ivan CroslandStephanie M. DeersMiranda Brook CheeverLeo Ware& Otto Millel III.

Genre: Family drama

Audience: Families, Teens, Tweens

Rating: Not rated by MPAA

Our Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 93 minutes

Distributor: Feature Films for Families

Director: Bruce Neibauer

Producer: Forrest Baker III & Bruce Neibauer

Writer: Don A. Judd EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Forrest S. Baker III[/column]

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