In terms of operating in the gifts of the Spirit, we often underestimate our children.  We either dismiss that they can flow in the gifts, or omit to teach them their existence entirely.  It is not uncommon for children to experience supernatural situations wherein the power of the Holy Spirit flows through them, and they do not understand it.  So it is up to us, as parents, to teach them properly.

When we fail to teach our children about the gifts of the Spirit and the supernatural, we are doing them a great disservice.  There is no distinction between the spirit of an adult and that of a child.  Therefore, children can operate in the Spirit just as much as adults can.  Additionally, because they are unhindered by adult logic, they can operate in faith more than an adult because they don’t question the supernatural.  They just accept things as they are.

We need to teach our children about dreams, nightmares and visions, as Satan can attack them in this area, and they need to be prepared.  Likewise are the gifts of the Spirit.  Children imitate what they see, so when they see adults laying hands on people and they are healed, they, too, try the same thing.  Now what happens when they see results or experience the power of the Holy Spirit without teaching?  They either don’t understand, and some can determine it as demonic.  Others may tell an adult out of amazement.  If the adult doesn’t understand, they may inform the child that it is in their imagination thereby suppressing the child flowing in the gifts.  There are also children that are drawn to what is happening, and pride will creep in.  Some will even use it for manipulation.

So how can we teach our children about the gifts of the Spirit at a level they can understand, inform them of their true purpose, and teach them how to walk in humility?  Seems like a tall order for an excited child!

John Lysaught will discuss how we can teach our children how to flow in the gifts, and how to give glory to God in our next issue.  If we start our children when they are young and unhindered, just imagine what they will do when they are an adult!

Our next issue comes out on November 27, 2017!


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